1. Goodbye (Balcony Version), Austin Weber
2. Turtles All the Way Down, Sammy Copley
3. A Sad Song About a Girl I No Longer Know,
Charles Irwin

4. New Normal, Jack Stauber
5. Loving Arms, Watsky
6. Nadir (Acoustic), TENDER
7. Mountain Man Song, Scott & Gilbert
8. Sisyphus (Barefoot Sessions), Andrew Bird
9. Beautiful Brain, Mabel Ye
10. Chicago (Demo), Sufjan Stevens
11. Lovesong (from the Livingroom), Charlie Burg
12. The Words I Meant to Say, Sammy Copley
13. Would You Be So Kind? (Live), Dodie + Friends
14. Together (Bathtub Version), Austin Weber
15. Stranger (Acoustic), Miki Fiki
00. Clip Transcriptions