1. Goodbye (Balcony Version)
Austin Weber

It's, uh... 9:10pm on
Tuesday, May 2nd
I'm on my balcony
And this is a song called "Goodbye."

I'm done with romances
I've taken all my second chances
I've looked in the mirror
Watched existential dread draw nearer
Oh I thought I loved you
Then I started asking why

I guess this is goodbye

In daydreaming notions
I picture you in daily motions
Answering emails
And stressing over minor details
Or sometimes you're laughing
And look up at the sky

I guess this is goodbye
This is goodbye

There's no use in asking why, my love
I don't love you, (honk, honk, honk) though I tried, my love
Didn't mean to make you cry, my love
If I'm going, it's goodbye, my love

This is goodbye

That works.

Wasn't perfect, but it works.

I was about to say
"Nothing's meant to be perfect,"
or "Don't spoil the good with the perfect."
That's what my dad says,
But I unplugged my microphone.
I plugged it back in to say that.